Our Services

We are a full service marketing agency, capable of handling all aspects of a multi-platform campaign from initial concept and strategic development to the full execution of the media push.

Project Management

You have enough to worry about trying to make your project the best that it can be. You don’t have time to manage the endless details of a marketing campaign on top of that. Let us worry so you don’t have to. We have managed campaigns for projects big and small and we can make sure you have time to focus on giving your customers the product they want, and deserve.

Broadcast Marketing

Media buying is probably the one place where marketers end up getting a lot less for their money than they should. We know how the business works and we make sure you’re not running your commercials when the wrong people are listening, or when no one is listening at all. Over the years we have built strong relationships with some of the best media buyers and we’ll make sure we put your project in the right hands…everytime.

Social Media

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube or anything in between, we have the experience and expertise to maximize your return from this incredibly powerful but generally misunderstood communication channel. Having placed and analyzed more than a million dollars in Facebook ads alone, we have a playbook that will give you a head start right from the first day of your campaign.

Digital Media

There are literally thousands of places to get your project in front of the right people, and many of them are places you would have never thought of. We used our advanced analytics to find out where your potential customers spend their time online and that’s where we put your ads. We also use our excellent relationships within the faith based community to do barter deals so you can get even more reach for less money.


Tracking the performance of every aspect of the campaign is hard work, but it's THE ONLY WAY to know what's working and what's not. We put a very high priority on careful analysis at every step of the campaign, continually refining and adjusting the creative, the targeting and to make sure you are having the maximum impact.

Creative & Graphic Design

Our team of graphic designers and copywriters will make sure that your project will look as good to everyone else as it does to you. Stunning visual images and carefully crafted messaging are the keys to success in this market and our thirty years in the business have taught us how to do it right.

Public Relations

Maximizing earned media and interview opportunities has been at the center of the success of many blockbuster projects. Our PR department will make sure that you get noticed, talked about and publicized in the places that matter the most to your specific audience.

Audio & Video Production

We have already produced thousands of hours of television shows, documentaries, radio and TV commercials, informercials and 10 feature films. Rest assured, we can handle whatever you have in mind for your project.

Church & Youth Outreach

While getting churches involved and supportive of your project is more difficult now than ever before (due to the huge numbers of requests that pastors are getting every week), there are still a lot of ways to make sure you’re at the front of the line. As pioneers in the whole church outreach approach to marketing projects, we can give you that advantage and make sure you have the best chance possible of getting the support of the most influential and relevant churches and youth groups.

Influencer Outreach

People love reading testimonials, and nothing does more to boost the credibility of what you’re doing than the endorsements and support of people they respect and admire. Let us reach out to these key influencers including celebrities, experts and popular bloggers in your market space and get them involved in promoting your project to their audiences (and yours).

Event Coordination

Whether your project is an EVENT or just uses events as part of the promotional campaign, we are well equipped to make sure your event reaches the right audience, attracts the right attendees and makes the biggest splash possible to help you achieve your goals.

Web Development

For many projects a professional, high-end website can mean the difference between looking like a low budget, church basement video and a top notch theatrically released movie. The same goes for books, events, charities, personal brand …everything. You are what you tell people you are, and a great looking website does wonders for your whole image.