Cloud Ten Creative Team

An experienced team with a proven track record of success.

Paul Lalonde


Paul Lalonde is a pioneering producer and writer of entertainment in the apocalyptic-thriller genre. With humble beginnings, Paul parlayed a small direct mail company that dealt with everything from real estate to dog training into a $100 million+ production and distribution studio (Cloud Ten Pictures) complete with its own in-house marketing team.

John Patus


John Patus has a wealth of experience in the fields of law, international business and film. He graduated from Brock University and the University of Western Ontario Faculty of Law. During this time he also produced concerts and sports events, including shows for ESPN. He studied for the bar exams at Osgoode Hall in Toronto.

Ann Lalonde

Business Manager

For nearly 30 years Ann has worked alongside her husband Paul as they started a small direct mail business that grew into a $100 million+ film production and distribution Company. In the beginning she wore many hats from event organizer and office manager to highly coveted 'voluntold' positions like box packer and filer.

Charlie Montney

Web Developer

Charlie is a graphic designer, animator, programmer and data analyst accented with project management and marketing skill sets. Specializing in business sector specific integration, process model development, technical restructuring and media-based content development.

Kim Reynolds

VP Social Media

Since 1995, Kim has been helping business owners transverse the digital landscape as a social media strategist, online advertising expert, trend spotter and sought out guest speaker for everything online.

Jessica Parker

VP Publicity

Since 1998 Jessica has been responsible for more than one billion media impressions from nearly every major news outlet in North America. Such positive results require bold and ambitious media relations, brand management and awareness programs for many global companies.

Paul Snack

Project Manager

For more than 25 years Paul headed his own graphic design studio and printing company with clients across North America. He developed cost effective branding strategies and direct marketing campaigns for a wide variety of companies and associations in the non-profit, manufacturing and financial sectors.

Beckie Montney

Graphic Designer

Beckie is a media designer & developer with 16 years of professional experienced in print, web, TV and film. Specializing in Graphic Design and Website Development her unique style and love of her job allows Beckie to continually deliver results that her clients love.