About Us

For the past thirty years, Paul Lalonde and his marketing team had one mandate – to produce and market content to the faith based community. Over the years, they have offered a wide range of products and services including print publications, television shows, feature films and full length documentaries, conferences and other events, tours to Israel, teaching videos, radio programs and podcasts, church theatrical campaigns, crowdfunding, fundraising, books in both fiction and non fiction genres and much more. Their marketing campaigns have used print ads, direct mail, infomercials, tv spots, radio commercials, event sponsorships, digital ads, social media advertising, theatrical trailers and everything in between. And every step of the way, they have been testing, learning, refining and studying what works and what doesn’t.

And now, Cloud Ten Creative Services has been launched to let all of those years of experience and key learnings go to work helping other individuals, ministries and organizations reach the faith based audience in a cost effective and very powerful way.

Cloud Ten Creative is all about results, says Lalonde, and after so many years marketing our own projects and working with outside agencies hired to help us reach a wider audience we know what it’s like to sit on the other side of the table, trying to figure out who can really help and who is going to take your money and not really provide the value they have promised. Let’s face it, our clients have invested a lot in their projects – sometimes literally everything they have, and to have it fail to reach its full potential because of weak or misguided marketing efforts would be nothing short of heartbreaking. These people have enough to worry about as it is without having to worry about the marketing, so I tell them “let us put your mind at ease – let us worry about the marketing, so you don’t have to.”

In the course of all those years I have had the opportunity to work with literally hundreds of people in the marketing our movies and other projects. And for those old enough to recognize the term, I have grown a pretty big Rolodex. A literal Rolodex by the way, stuffed with business cards and sticky notes and, most importantly, little blue “flags” that stick out the side indicating the absolute best of the best people I have worked with. Those are the people that are now either part of the CTCS team, or that I reach out to for help on bigger campaigns. No consultants or know-it-alls and no so called marketing gurus who charge huge dollars to share their wisdom without actually lifting a finger to help in any tangible way. Instead these are people with a proven ability to get things done, to make things happen on time and on budget.”

Cloud Ten’s Success Has Been Reported By: