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I lost more than a million dollars so you don’t have to!

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Have you ever felt like you were running in a Hamster Wheel when it comes to turning your movie project into a reality? There are so many ups and downs and long flat stretches that every one of us has at some point said “forget it, it’s not worth it”.

Well, that roller coaster ride is just part of the business I’m afraid and we are all going to face it with every single project we work on. But, and this is the whole reason we’re here today, there are lots of things that you can do to make the journey a whole lot more enjoyable, and a whole lot more successful too. Sure, there’s some luck involved, but as we’ve all heard, usually in the context of sports, “you have to be lucky to be good and good to be lucky” and that is no less true for the movie business.

One of the most heart breaking things for me is when I see great people with awesome dreams and incredible determination, who are simply failing to realize their full potential, or even half of it, simply because of bad strategies and lack of knowledge of how the business really works. That is what the Cloud Ten Academy is all about. It’s all about making sure that you have all the tools you need to really take your best shot with your project.

By taking part in the exclusive training being offered by the Cloud Ten Academy, you will walk out knowing that you are far, far more likely to succeed in maximizing the success of your project. You’ve invested so much into your project already – now it’s time to invest in the most important element for turning a dream into a reality — and that element is YOU.

So what makes the Cloud Ten Academy the best investment you could make in your future? Let’s look.


It’s exclusive. In other words, you’re not going to learn this stuff anywhere else. This is not the kind of thing you’ll learn in film school. Nor will you find these lessons in a book. Instead what you will learn is real world experience from real people who have set out with the same dream you have, and have been blessed with enormous success, not just once but many times over. We are not holding anything back. These are the best lessons from twenty five years in the business.


It’s comprehensive. As everyone in the movie business quickly learns, there are a LOT of moving pieces and separate streams involved in putting a movie together. As I often tell people, making the movie is actually the easy part. The SHOW is the easiest half of the SHOW-BUSINESS equation. What comes before and after the fun of principle photography is what will really make the difference when it comes time to look back at the project with your investors and either celebrate or conduct the always-unpleasant post-mortem on a disappointing result. The Cloud Ten Academy will take you through the process, giving you specific strategies and guidance and warnings not just for one part of the journey, but for the whole trip. There’s no reason not to enjoy the whole trip, and the only way that can happen is if you are well prepared. The journey IS the destination. Let’s have fun!


It’s relevant. This is really my favorite thing about the Cloud Ten Academy. Like a relentless screenwriter trimming the fat out of a script, we have worked really hard to ensure that we don’t waste your valuable time and that everything we teach will be something you can actually use! Remember high school? Remember learning things like the Pythagorean Theorem? How often do you use that in your professional life? Or your personal life? Never. But we all had to learn it in high school while we were busy NOT learning how to open a bank account or write a cheque or make a good decision on how long a mortgage to take out on our first home. We promise to keep giving you information that WILL REALLY HELP YOU be more successful, every step of the way.


It’s essential. Just like practice for an olympic athlete or rehearsal for a broadway star or musical act, real success, and really climbing to the top of your industry requires good old fashioned hard work. You have to be willing to go the extra mile, and believe me, the traffic is a whole lot lighter at that extra mile. If you’ve read this far, you’re already well ahead of the vast majority of wannabes who show up at film festivals doing nothing more than HOPING. Rest assured, the Cloud Ten Academy will end up paying for itself many, many times over as you learn what to do, what NOT to do and how to put all of these lessons to work in your project starting immediately, no matter where you may be in the development process.