Cloud Ten Creative Team Bios

Ann Lalonde


For nearly 30 years Ann has worked alongside her husband Paul as they started a small direct mail business that grew into a $100 million+ film production and distribution Company. In the beginning she wore many hats from event organizer and office manager to highly coveted ‘voluntold’ positions like box packer and filer.

Through the years Ann became an astute bookkeeper mastering accounting for many projects. She now oversees the finances of Cloud Ten Creative Services and as most would say, she’s the brains of the outfit.

Ann also raised two incredible children both currently studying at University.

Charlie Montney


Charlie is a graphic designer, animator, programmer and data analyst accented with project management and marketing skill sets. Specializing in business sector specific integration, process model development, technical restructuring and media-based content development.

Charlie has been involved in over 500+ web/media/film/TV projects since 1998 spanning the USA, UK and Canada. He expands upon 20 years of live study in these fields, evolving his services based on ever changing client needs. His priority focus is not only developing, designing and integration for his clients, but understanding their goals and industries and how to increase their effectiveness and efficiency.

Charlie is driven by the goal of removing unnecessary processes, biases and restrictions from the standard media development models that have persisted for many years. He maintains an ethical model for conduct and development with clients and partners to develop long term business relationships that last years.

Kim Reynolds


Kim Reynolds

Since 1995, Kim has been helping business owners transverse the digital landscape as a social media strategist, online advertising expert, trend spotter and sought out guest speaker for everything online.

An early adapter to Internet commerce, Kim built and ran The Outdoor Warehouse selling survivalist equipment and accessories online. Her instincts paid off and so she created her own agency to help other businesses grow and successfully navigate online clutter. Her guidance ensured cost effective strategies and helped clients achieve maximum visibility and profitability.

Another specialty of Kim’s is using social media to drive targeted audiences to events and conferences often tripling the amount of foot traffic.

Kim developed a passion for promoting movies in the online space. A huge fan of the Left Behind book series, she volunteered her services to Paul Lalonde and his company  who were producing a 2014 rebooted version of Left Behind starring Oscar winning actor Nicolas Cage. Together they grew the Left Behind Facebook page from 2,000 to 1.4 million fans. She has performed similar feats with the films Christian Mingle and America: Imagine the World Without Her.

Her love of technology has led Kim to become an AR and VR enthusiast–impatiently awaiting the day when she can apply her skill-set in the metaverse.

Jessica Parker


Since 1998 Jessica has been responsible for more than one billion media impressions from nearly every major news outlet in North America. Such positive results require bold and ambitious media relations, brand management and awareness programs for many global companies. These include SC Johnson (OFF!â, Raidâ, Gladeâ, Ziplocâ), General Motors, World Vision, Miramax Films, Cloud Ten Pictures, Microcell Corporation (FIDO) and both the Costume Designers and Art Directors Guilds of America.

From the Hollywood red carpet award shows to the most poverty-stricken areas of African developing countries, Jessica has seen many different worlds and prides herself on adapting to any circumstance and becoming an expert on her clients’ businesses, services and challenges. Her goal is always to significantly move the needle of positive public opinion, increase awareness and credibility and help to drive sales by working hand in hand with a solid marketing strategy. Her methods have won her awards, garnered record-breaking results and even Academy Awardâ wins for various clients.

Whether a regional or national campaign in the United States or Canada, Jessica has always successfully  reached her targeted audience on a one-on-one basis through customized and engaging media materials, strategic partnerships and special events. She recognizes the importance of remaining flexible in order to capitalize on real-time events to ensure newsworthy and timely media coverage to penetrate the most lucrative demographic.

Proven abilities in all aspects of:

  • Analytics and Problem Solving
  • Branding Strategies
  • Crisis Communications
  • Customer Service
  • Fundraising
  • Government Relations
  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns
  • Media Relations
  • Relationship Management
  • Social Media Strategy and Engagement
  • Strategic Alliances, Partnerships and Sponsorships
  • Special Events
  • Writing and Editing

Paul Snack


For more than 25 years Paul headed his own graphic design studio and printing company with clients across North America. He developed cost effective branding strategies and direct marketing campaigns for a wide variety of companies and associations in the non-profit, manufacturing and financial sectors.

Overseeing a team of creative artists and production experts, he worked alongside clients to build corporate identities, conceive and execute direct marketing programs and create multi-faceted print projects using digital printing, POP materials, signage and specialty finishing projects.

As project manager of Cloud Ten Creative Services, Paul drives the production aspects of radio and TV print materials and the development of other creative assets. He also has sales experience in post-production services including TV/film editing, closed captioning, described video and broadcast licensing.

One to give back to his community, Paul is the current president of the Rotary Club of Fonthill, and is a past Big Brother, and director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto and board member of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada.

Paul Lives in Niagara region with wife and young son.

Beckie Montney


Beckie is a media designer & developer with 16 years of professional experienced in print, web, TV and film. Specializing in Graphic Design and Website Development her unique style and love of her job allows Beckie to continually deliver results that her clients love.