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The team behind Cloud Ten Creative Services has been marketing to the faith based audience since 1987.

Their expertise has allowed them to successfully launch and market more than a dozen feature films.

As pioneers in the business, no one knows this space better than Cloud Ten Creative and we are now putting our years of experience to work helping other organizations reach this enormous and responsive market.

Why Cloud Ten Creative?

We have been serving the faith based community since 1987. Put those years of experience to work for your project today!

This is YOUR marketing money and you need to know where, why and how it's being spent.

Carefully tracking the performance of every aspect of the campaign is hard work, but it's THE ONLY WAY to know what's working and what's not.

Don't spend your precious marketing dollars on experts who charge huge fees but outsource all of the work.

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John Patus

John Patus


John Patus has a wealth of experience in the fields of law, international business and film.  He graduated from Brock University and the University of Western Ontario Faculty of Law.  During this time he also produced concerts and sports events, including shows for ESPN.  He studied for the bar exams at Osgoode Hall in Toronto.

Upon graduation, he practiced corporate law and attended at the Supreme Court of Ontario, the Ontario Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Canada.  During this time, his firm won the largest libel action in Canadian history.  He also acted as a director of several charitable organizations and sat on the boards of both public and private corporations.

John shifted from law to business in the arena of international marketing.  Along with his partners, they built the first company to take Canadian franchises into the U.S. and, later, to assist U.S. corporations coming into Canada.  They built and sold several such companies including one that expanded operations into several foreign countries and became the largest firm of its kind in North America.

John studied film at U.C.L.A. under Academy Award®-nominated writer/director Lionel Chetwynd (The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz) and producers Jonathan D. Krane (Face-Off, Primary Colors) and John Thomas Lenox (Splash).

During this time he worked on numerous commercials, documentaries and television projects and also remained active in business, collaborating with his partners on several direct response projects, including the EZ KRUNCH which achieved over $89 million in sales.

John joined Cloud Ten in 2000 and has since worked in close collaboration with CEO, Paul Lalonde.